Neil McLeod, Member at Large

Neil McLeod is originally from Tucson although spent several years as a kid completely off the grid in northern British Columbia after his family moved there when he was 12. That time in the wilderness strongly influenced the rest of his life, creating a passion for any kind of activity in the wild. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Neil landed in New Mexico as a whitewater guide, eventually owning a rafting company in Santa Fe for several years. He spent six years or so as an Outward Bound instructor/course director for wilderness experiential education expeditions in Utah for teens and adults. He has been road cycling and mountain biking for many years and loves riding with his wife, Eileen, and their daughter and son, both of whom ride with El Grupito. Bicycles represent freedom and he is excited to share his passion for all things bikes as an El Grupito volunteer and El Grupo board member.

Natalie O’Farrell, Member at Large

Natalie O’Farrell grew up in Lafayette, Indiana, where basketball was the sport most kids dreamed of playing. After a successful high school and college career playing basketball, Natalie was diagnosed with Bone Cancer and was told that she would never run again, Natalie took up cycling.
Cycling has been a very important component in her life whether that be while she was living in Northern Virginia, Raleigh, NC, or Tucson, AZ.
Natalie has been a volunteer coach with El Grupo previously and is now looking to share her passion for cycling and youth development as an El Grupo Board Member.
When not on the bike, Natalie is spending time with her partner Chuck and their Basset Hound, Hank.

Alexis Favis, Marketing Committee Chair

Alexis comes to the El Grupo board with a deep passion for community involvement, serving on multiple boards whose mission is to support Tucson youth. She has been involved with the Tucson advertising community since 2009 where she has supported pro-bono marketing campaigns for several Tucson nonprofits. She is a NextGen Award recipient recognizing advertising… Read more »

Eric Thomas, Member at Large

Some of my earliest memories involve trikes and bikes. I still remember the day I received the silver Schwinn Scrambler! I launched from every curb, driveway, and kid-built jump within my boundaries. I have been enamored with bikes since. As my boundaries expanded, I explored much of Tucson, delivered countless newspapers, rode to school, work,… Read more »

Joe Delgado, Secretary

Joe Delgado has been working as a sales/consulting executive in the IT Industry for the past 30 years for various companies including IBM, SAP, and Microsoft. Joe is a Tucson native and grew up in the Tucson Mountains trail running/cycling and eventually running cross country and track in college. Having spent most of his life… Read more »

Matt Donaldson, Parent Representative

Matt Donaldson grew up in Rochester, NY, and made the transition to Tucson, AZ in 2001. Since then he has been an educator in the Vail School District, where he currently serves as principal of Empire High School. Matt’s passion for cycling began when he moved to Tucson and has continued ever since. Matt is… Read more »

Doug Friman, JD, Board Chair

I joined the Board of El Grupo because I wanted to be involved with an organization that is devoted to helping Tucson youth learn lifelong skills as well as experience the joy that comes from riding bikes. My personal bike history began when I was tearing around Edinburgh, Scotland (where I grew up) on my… Read more »