David Cross

David’s love of cycling has taken him on some pretty amazing bike rides. He
completed the Lands End To John A Groats ride in the UK, an epic 1000 mile
ride taking in Great Britain from its furthest two points. He has ridden
some of the legendary climbs of the Pyrenees, traversing from the Atlantic to
the Mediterranean. Annually riding Mt. Baldy and some of the iconic climbs
of the Sierra Nevadas. And every year (pandemic permitting), he competes in
the Mallorca 312, a 200-mile mountainous lap around the Spanish island.
David’s involvement with El Grupo began as a dedicated volunteer when his
oldest son joined the club, and now, with both sons in the Grupo family,
David is excited to step into a more committed coaching role. He is a firm
believer in the value of positive role-modeling and looks forward to working
with all of the team members to help them achieve their goals and grow their

Max Bevier

Max is a student at the University of Arizona studying Biosystems Engineering. He was also a part of El Grupo for 4 years racing and building connections in the cycling community. He is the 2021 XC(Mountain Bike) State Champion and has experience working with kids through his time at Grupo. Max is excited to be a coach because the coach facilitates the ride and makes it safe for everyone else to experience the bike to its fullest. Max has had some of the best experiences on the bike and thinks it is time to pass on what he has learned to the kids propelling them into their future.

Nikos Casto

Nikos was born in Tucson but spent five years living in Pennsylvania before moving back to Tucson where he attended high school and now college. Coming from a family of six with three sets of twins, Nikos has always focused on family and his connections with others. He believes in El Grupo as a way to share the passion for cycling and connect with others. Nikos has been riding bikes since the age of three, and continues to enjoy it. He now rides competitively for the UA Cycling team where he is working towards his Bachelors in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona. When not riding bikes, you can find him playing guitar or causing mischief with his younger siblings.

Cara O’Neill

Cara was born in Tucson, grew up in Tucson, and is now at the University of Arizona working towards her Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Since 2012, Cara’s been riding bikes – racing, commuting, and as a way to unwind. More recently she’s enjoyed collegiate cycling as an active member of the UA Cycling Team. She… Read more »

Deidra Bustos

Deidra Bustos grew up commuting the streets of Tucson by bike. She was a volunteer coach at El Grupo from 2014 until 1018. Deidra became a Pima Bicycle Ambassador in 2015 and has taught traffic safety skills in multiple schools across Tucson. She has been a mountain biker for eight years and started bikepacking in… Read more »

Juliana Cullen

The daughter of Brazilian immigrants, Juliana has lived in seven different states in the US and in Germany. She got into cycling after one move during high school when she enjoyed finding her way around her new town in New England. After moving to Colorado for college Juliana did some mountain biking and distance riding… Read more »

Allison Arensman

Allison is professional rider for and founder/owner of the nation’s first ever professional  and elite-development women’s cyclocross team, J.A. King p/b BlueRidge’Cross. She was introduced to cycling through cyclocross, and though she has raced professionally on the road and collegiately in mountain bike, ‘Cross remains her passion in cycling. Allison has been a cycling-specialist coach… Read more »

Sean Pantellere

Sean grew up in New Jersey and found his way to Tucson in 2020. He has a background in organization management, event management, fundraising, and bicycle racing. During his non-profit career, Sean led teams in multiple markets to raise more than $30 million for various causes. Sean is excited to work with the El Grupo… Read more »

Gord Fraser

Gord brings a lifetime of experience in the world of cycling, first as a competitor, then as a coach, and most recently for the past decade directing pro-cycling teams as they competed across the globe. He raced with the Canadian Olympic team in 1996, 2000, and 2004, and raced in the Tour de France in… Read more »

Colter Thomas

Colter is an accomplished photojournalist, having worked on numerous political campaigns and embedded in Mexico during the migrant crisis. By the age of 19, his work had been featured in national publications. His first real taste of independence came from El Grupo, joining the team at age 12, he very quickly became obsessed with the… Read more »