Sean Pantellere

Sean grew up in New Jersey and found his way to Tucson in 2020. He has a background in organization management, event management, fundraising, and bicycle racing. During his non-profit career, Sean led teams in multiple markets to raise more than $30 million for various causes. Sean is excited to work with the El Grupo staff to empower youth across all programs. Sean once held the distinction of being the Massachusetts State Champion in Cyclocross, Road, and Time Trial State Champion in the same racing season.

Gord Fraser

Gord brings a lifetime of experience in the world of cycling, first as a competitor, then as a coach, and most recently for the past decade directing pro-cycling teams as they competed across the globe. He raced with the Canadian Olympic team in 1996, 2000, and 2004, and raced in the Tour de France in 1997. Gord is no stranger to Tucson and El Grupo; both his sons were in the Grupito pilot program. “I want to teach the youth on Team El Grupo the passion for the bike that I’ve enjoyed in my 40 plus years dedicated to the sport,” said Gord. “Whether kids like to race, tour, bike pack, or mountain bike, there’s a place for them in the Team El Grupo Program.”

Ian Ure

Back in high school I took a cycling elective that Ignacio taught, so I got into bike riding. I eventually started riding more and worked on my own bikes. I ended up riding and racing with El Grupo from 2006-2008. I would also go to BICAS and learn more about bikes and the tools. Through Ignacio, I got my first job at FairWheel Bikes. Ever since then, I’ve been working at bike shops around town. Being back with El Grupo is nice to get back to my roots and work with the kids. It’s also a joy to work with a variety of bikes and parts that aren’t necessarily brand new. Working on bikes with the parts you have is more fun – it’s like a puzzle.

Colter Thomas

Colter is an accomplished photojournalist, having worked on numerous political campaigns and embedded in Mexico during the migrant crisis. By the age of 19, his work had been featured in national publications. His first real taste of independence came from El Grupo, joining the team at age 12, he very quickly became obsessed with the… Read more »

Luke Murray

Luke Murray is a born and raised Tucsonan whose been a part of the El Grupo team since the end of 2010 when he joined as a rider in high school. For the last seven years he has dedicated himself to cycling advocacy and education both inside and outside of El Grupo. Luke is the… Read more »

Lynn Hudson

I am a Grupito Coach, physical educator, graduated form the University of Arizona, and long time bike mechanic! I love anything with wheels and enjoy sharing my passion for bike riding with others, especially youth. Arrived in Tucson in 1999 and fell in love with the desert through cycling. Cycling has taking me many places… Read more »

Karen Childress

Karen moved to Tucson in 2018 with plans to retire. It turned out she wasn’t tired enough to retire, but didn’t want to do a 9-5 gig or start another business. Instead, she decided part-time work in an organization with a strong mission would offer the right balance of work and leisure life. Karen happily… Read more »

Morgan Adams

I’m an Arizona native, dad, and bike rider/advocate. My bike racing days go all the way back to the early ‘70’s where my first race was at PXA (Phoenix) BMX on my big wheel! I’ve pretty much been obsessed with bikes and racing since that day. My academic education consists of a microbiology degree from… Read more »