Some of my earliest memories involve trikes and bikes. I still remember the day I received the silver Schwinn Scrambler! I launched from every curb, driveway, and kid-built jump within my boundaries. I have been enamored with bikes since. As my boundaries expanded, I explored much of Tucson, delivered countless newspapers, rode to school, work, and the UA on two wheels. I still ride for enjoyment and commute nearly every day to work on a bike.

I try to subtly pass on the same reverence to the students I teach at Tucson High, and I’ve tried a less subtle approach with our two children. Our son, a former El Grupo rider and employee is working to get kids on bikes that might not otherwise have the opportunity. My son’s experiences and my own as a parent volunteer have made me aware of El Grupo’s impact and its nearly boundless potential.

I believe that bikes can solve some of our biggest problems. It’s important to teach and model this to all in our community and especially to our youth.

I’m proud to be part of an organization that empowers youth (and future adults) through bicycles and the spirit and guidance that is El Grupo.