I am a bike lover and rider on Team El Grupo and have been with the team since 2016, when my 11-year-old self showed up to Summer Bike Camp on a bike that was way too small. Since that day, I have grown so much both on and off the bike from all of the amazing coaches and teammates who have helped keep on riding after every time I’ve fallen off. El Grupo has taught me how to persevere, communicate, and balance my life. I’ll use these lessons (and more!) throughout my life – from high school to college to the workplace and beyond. In addition, I’ve made many lifelong friends, learned to suffer and push myself, realized how much I can achieve and how to set and reach goals for myself. When I’m not at Grupo practice riding with my friends, I’m usually riding with my dad. One of my favorite places to ride is in the Sierra Nevadas, up Mt. Whitney, because…… . Cycling is one of my favorite things to do and I’m glad I do it with El Grupo.