Born and raised in Mexico, City. I’ve been into sports all my life, started doing enduro, motocross, and mountain biking when I was 6 years old and did my first off-road race at 13 years old. I was highly competitive at a national level. Unfortunately, when I was 14 years old, I had an accident on my dirtbike and broke my back leaving me paralyzed from the chest down. I did not let the accident stop me from continuing my sports career or my academic career. After just one year of the accident, I took on off-road handcycling, and sooner than later I was back in the same trails where I used to ride my dirt bike. Being highly competitive, riding by myself and my family was not enough so I found myself wanting to try other sports where there were more people to compete against. I moved onto triathlons first and completed three of them at the age of 17. Shortly after I realized my strongest sport was the road handcycle, so I decided to fully dedicate my time on the road. When I was 18 I was recruited by the University of Arizona Handcycling Team and moved to Tucson to pursue the dream of completing college and racing internationally. Since I moved to Tucson in 2017 I had accomplished a vast amount of achievements such as riding my handcycle across America, many podiums at a national level, becoming 3x national champion in Mexico, and attending my first UCI World Cup representing Team Mexico. I do believe breaking my back made me a more perseverant individual which has helped me both in sports and life and through countless hours of training I have mastered how to be a disciplined athlete. I also think most teachings that I learned through cycling can be transferred into everyday life situations such as not giving up, working hard, enjoying the ride, and being in touch with nature! Being a cyclist is not only about going fast but is also about being in tune with your body, mind, friends, and learning how to be a better person all around!