Bike Club

We want kids to ride bikes, a lot. We want them to ride to school, to friends’ houses, to the library and to the park. To do this, kids need the skills, knowledge, and confidence to safely navigate their neighborhoods and beyond, and this is where Bike Club can help. In Bike Club, kids learn what they need to be safe bike riders and have a lot of fun on bikes.

El Grupo’s Bike Club is a program of El Grupo Youth Cycling, a youth development organization with a mission to empower youth through bicycles. We foster values that support youth both on and off the bike, now and into their future. Learning bike skills is a significant component of all programs of El Grupo, but the power is in the personal growth that each youth rider achieves. As a positive youth development program, Bike Club builds confidence, core competencies, and personal discipline in youth. 

Bike Club started in 2016 as a partnership between El Grupo and Manzo Bilingual Elementary. 3rd through 5th grade students at Manzo were eligible to participate in Bike Club. We see this program and associated lessons being generally appropriate for 3rd-8th grade students. The program outlined in this guide leads through one semester, with the first half focused on road riding and the second half focused on mountain biking. Youth will join Bike Club at different ability levels and may progress through the different lessons at varying speeds. It’s OK- Bike Club is a journey more than a destination. However, the club may split up into smaller groups some days so that youth at different points in their bike riding journey can stay safe and continue to be challenged.

If you have interest in volunteering afterschool during weekdays, please email