Want to get fit, make new friends, believe in something positive, and believe in yourself? Team El Grupo may be the place for you!

2014 team photo

If you are interested, please sign up on the Rider Wait List so we have your contact info.  Read the information below first though, to make sure!

Tryouts are held two times a year approximately the start of the fall semester and start of the spring semester.

Tryouts are a great opportunity to see if El Grupo is a good fit for you-

The “Try Out” process is based off of 3 C’s: Coachability, Compatibility & Commitment

Coach-ability = willingness to listen, take in information, and try your best

Compatibility = you | your attitude | your life work well with El Grupo and vice versa

Commitment = willingness to make El Grupo an important aspect of your life

WHO: Team El Grupo is a youth cycling development team. We ride bicycles for the sport of it. We are about a lot more than just riding our bikes down the street. We ride bikes for the physicality of it—riding to become stronger, smarter and faster.

Team El Grupo is comprised of male and female youth aged 12-18 from diverse backgrounds, representing over 10 different middle and high schools in the Tucson/Pima County region. The Team rides road and mountain bikes competitively, as well as encourages bike touring, cyclo-cross and daily commuting. All team members engage in bicycle education, outreach and advocacy through our Youth Empowering Youth program.

WHAT: That said, everyone on the team is expected to make this a priority in their lives and to come to practice always ready to work hard. We all practice in the same way at the same time. However, different team members choose to see out their hard work in different ways.

Some of the youth on the team see out their new found skills and strength in races. We participate in road and mountain bike races. On the other hand, some participants do not choose to race and see out their talents via self supported bike tours. We at El Grupo regard both as exceptional ways to prove to one self that limits are only self-imposed.

As a team we strive to empower every rider with the confidence and courage to set and achieve goals that are dreams at the start of their El Grupo tenure. Yet, we expect the same thing from every rider: that they come to practice ready to work hard, with positive attitudes, and trust and kindness for their fellow teammates. If this is the attitude that carries you through your time with the team, we feel very confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

ALSO: We also expect each rider to participate in community outreach activities and events, put family and school first, and all of this requires enhanced time management skills. El Grupo is about much more than just riding bikes!

No bicycle, equipment, gear or experience necessary to try-out.

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