Week of April 7th

Thank you everyone for your amazing help at Cyclovia. It was a joy to be able to enjoy the event this year.




These next two weeks of training are going to be critical for us to prepare for Gila, Whiskey and Luna Lake.


These next two weeks will also determine school wise if you are able to participate. So please get school in order.


Lastly this weekend will be huge for El Grupo fundraising wise. We need to have a good weekend to be able to continue to do what we do. So please get your friends to the Scavenger Hunt.


Training Plan:


Tuesday: 4:30start. 5×6 min TT intervals. Ride your TT bike if you have one.


Wednesday: 4pm start. Steady tempo ride with 3x 10 min lt efforts.

4:30pm start. Same.


Thursday: A Mountain repeats. At sub LT. 4:30pm start.


This week is going to be warm so please plan accordingly. Be hydrated at the start of practice. You can not “Catch up” with hydration.


Saturday: Scavenger Hunt. All must be present at the clubhouse at 8am. More details to come.


Sunday: Swap meet. I will need help.

Whiskey team: Mt Hopkins.