Today only: video on riding for the enjoyment of it

Ben Duncan (U23 Team member) suggested that YOU watch this video. It is only available TODAY, it seems.

Here is what Ben has to say about why you should watch it:

“It’s only available for 24 hours, but to me, seriously embodies some of the issues older riders have with a commitment to riding their bike as well as one to the team. There is some great stuff in here that I think shows the spirit of not only riding for the enjoyment of racing, but also El Grupos great ideology of riding with your friends. ”


There is some profanity, and one right at the start, but not much overall. This is your warning.


Words of wisdom from Taylor Phinney among others.


Just over 1 hour long. Worth a watch on your Friday afternoon / evening…


Week of September 29th

Thank you everyone, rider and parents, for another great High School mountain bike race experience. It would be impossible to do it without the help of all the parents and supporters, or the politeness and support from the youth riders.


This is the only team that I want to coach. I am so very proud of how we do what we do and who we are. Thank you all!!


We may have lost some leaders jerseys this weekend but we are still in the hunt. We took our hits, but we will hit back. We will come back stronger and hungrier now. I want them back, as I imagine you do.


However we won the most important one of all. The team competition. Even when things did not for our way or we did not have the best race, we still came together as a team and put together a win. Nice Job.


Lastly thank you to all participants from this weekend, I have received some wonderfully nice feedback about how polite you all were. Well done.


Training Plan:


After this long weekend and weeks of training we need to rest a bit.


That way we can be ready to turn it back on and our bodies will respond to it.


If we go hard again too soon we will start to dig a hole that we might not be able to get out of.



Recovery Road ride. If you wish to do this on a ride to and from school that is just fine. But you should ride. If you do not that is not good. You need to get new blood to the extremes.



Mountain bike skills day

3:45 and 4:30 start times



If we are feeling ready I would like to do 3x 6 min lt efforts. I want us to get ready for a good weekend.



Tour of the White Mountain racers. You will be leaving on this day, Shawn and Veronique will post and communicate details.



High Schoolers– Shoot outs or Morning ride with Colin


Middle Schoolers doing the hill climb. Sleep in rest.




High Schoolers. Sweetwater.


State Champ Hill Climb.


The links work. Please watch.


Junior Mens World Championship.


Junior Womens World Championship

The Races are coming, the Races are coming



The races are finally here. You have been working very hard and now we get our chance to find out where we are.


I hope you are all feeling fresh after the rest week.


I hope you are all had a good two weeks and are excited to get ready for the races.


The little things really count this week. Be mindful.


Get your homework done on time as well, so that this weekend you can just have fun.


Last year I learned that you all liked to build into the races rather than rest into them. So that is how I structured the training. We are going to build into this race weekend.


Training Plan:


Tuesday: Hole Shot Practice with Skills at the Park. Oury Park


Wednesday: 3X 8 min. LT

3:45 and 4:30 start times


Thursday: 2– 10 min races. MTB’s


Saturday: High school racers. Later in the week I will put more travel information up.

Sunday: Middle School Time Trial Racers. Later in the week I will put more travel information up. Shawn and Veronique will be leading this trip.


Time Trialers: Please post within the next day if you would like me to sign you up. You must post to be allowed to race.


High schoolers: Please post if you want to race.


I am excited to be back. We had a great little break.


I will try and put together a recap of our trip if people are interested.


This one starts at bit slow but by 2;16 it gets good.

Week of August 18th

  4 weeks away now from our first races of the fall. The time to work hard is now, do not wait.   This week we are again trying get a bump in fitness, so that when we do our longer intervals we are working at a higher capacity.   Consistency is the key to… Read more »

August 17th

Boy do I hate canceling practice.   Good news though:  There are two ride options for this afternoon.   A Team and wannabe A Teamers: Keenan is leading a ride at Starr Pass. Meet and leave the clubhouse at 3pm. There will be no adult on this ride. Just senior riders please. If you want… Read more »

Week of June 23rd

I love the Durango trips and really any travel trips that we go on. They allow us to come together in a special way that is only possible when we get out of our comfort zones and home and have to rely on each other. The future of El Grupo looks very bright, the crew… Read more »

Perseverance and Commitment

As you all know Logan, Christian, Keenan, Ben, Nick and Daniel are all up in Flagstaff right now trying to make it to the biggest race in the Americas. The camp started yesterday and I have the first report from them.   The camp is essentially a stage race consisting of 4 time trials and 2… Read more »

l’Abitibi, This Weekend and more

This Weekend:   Saturday: USA Cycling campers. The shoot out that you choose. Breakfast after at my house. L’Abitibi campers. After breakfast lets leave really as soon as we can. We have a house to stay in in Flagstaff, however we should bring sleeping bags. I think this should put us leaving approximately at noon–ish…. Read more »

Sunday June 1st Mountain Bike ride

I will be at the clubhouse at 5:40am.   We will leave at 6am sharp.   USA Cycling Camp riders: You are also meeting to leave at 6am, but on road bikes.   I have insulated bottles for everyone, and on these hot days, I think they make a difference. If you do not have… Read more »

Week of May 26th

Luna Lake!!! Well that was fun. Really I had an amazing weekend and I want to thank everyone for making it so much fun.   Unfortunately I some how lost that little blue camera that I had, so all my pictures and video are lost. However its just a material item, so I will not… Read more »