Ana, 13, Riding with El Grupo since 2012

If I had a superpower, I would have: Invisibility

Hidden Talent: I sing

Favorite Hobby: Writing stories and listening to music

Favorite Pandora Station: 80’s Rock

Favorite Style of Riding: Road

Favorite Trip: Durango

Quotable Quote by Ignacio: “If you’re gonna ride them (bicycles), you’re gonna crash them.”

Favorite Dessert: Tres Leches Cake


Tell me why you like to ride your bike.

I like to ride my bike because I get to know a lot of new places and meet a lot of people riding my bike too.


Think about your first time with El Grupo until now, how have you changed?

When I first started, I would ride at the very back. I would be way back, but now I’m in the group. Being in El Grupo, I talk to more people too.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

It definitely pushes me to do stuff I didn’t know I could do before and just pushing myself when I need to. If I have a certain goal and see it, El Grupo pushes me to go towards it.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

My main goal this year is to win the state hill climb and break the record that was set last year.


In your time with El Grupo, what are three things you’ve gained?

I’ve made a lot more friends, I’m staying physically active and I have something to do in my spare time.