Avery, 15, Riding with El Grupo since August 2014


If I had a Superpower: I would control atoms

Hidden Talent: I’m really good at losing things.

Favorite Style of Riding: Mountain Bike and Cyclocross

Favorite Ride in Town: Sweetwater

Favorite Hobby apart from Riding Bikes: Anything water-related activities

Favorite Race: Whiskey and TBC

Quotable quote by Ignacio: ATTACK…ATTACK…ATTACK! Or he blames me for eating all the food out of the fridge.



Tell me why you like to ride your bike.

It’s fun. I enjoy it because you’re in control of what you can do on the bike. When I first joined the team, I wasn’t very fast but I’ve really seen how I’ve improved. I also like to race, so I definitely like to ride.


Tell me about the first time you rode with El Grupo. Do you see any changes in your bike skills or character?

I actually first rode with El Grupo when I was eight years old. More recently I joined and didn’t know what to expect with a group of kids that rode bikes. It could have been either really weird or really cool- everybody turned out to be really good people and really nice. I’ve gotten a lot better at dealing with ‘things’ in general. My bike skills have improved a lot. I definitely care for my bike a lot more. I used to just ride it but now I care for my bike.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

It challenges me physically on rides. For example, the TBC (Tucson Bicycle Classic) was just a few months ago and I rode with Ignacio. I got dropped and instead of congratulating me, coach Ignacio (like any good coach would do) reprimanded me for not sticking with him. That really motivates me to go faster. I’m challenged with the expectations to keep my grades up and stay out of trouble as well.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

Race-wise, I want to be able to perform really well in whatever races I’m doing. Besides that, I’d want to get skills on my bike and taking care of my bike mechanically.


What are three things you’ve gotten out of El Grupo?

I’ve gotten a lot faster. I’ve made a lot of good friends. I developed a love for bikes, maybe even a passion for bikes in my life.


When you tell your friends about El Grupo, what do you say?

I tell them we race, we ride, we have fun on bikes together.


What do you like about being on a cycling team?

I like that it’s given me a coach. I couldn’t do half the things I do with the team, alone. I couldn’t imagine not being involved with El Grupo if I can help it.