Christian, 18, with El Grupo since 2012

Superpower: Teleportation

Favorite Band: Phoenix

Favorite Trip: Durango Trip

Favorite Hobby: Being Active- “I like being active because it makes me a better person and happy.”

Favorite Bike Ride: The Shootout and Tuesday Morning

Favorite Dessert: Gelato


What are your hopes for l’Abitibi?

I want to do well in the stages. Hopefully get a top ten, get looked at.

Coaching and preparation has got me fit, strong enough to be at that level and it’s taught me new skills that I need to know to be on that level. The selection camp challenged me because there were some good riders, but I wanted to win it so that challenged me to ride harder. I came stronger this year. I had it in my mind to win and get top 3 everyday, and that worked.


What were you like when you first started to now?

My riding skills weren’t that great, they were okay. My personality is the same- maybe a little more mature. El Grupo has made me more responsible and I look at things a different way, like being at a place on time or even earlier, respecting your elders, stuff like that. As a rider, I learned more bike handling skills and got stronger month by month. It’s got me places! Personally, it’s just helped me grow up more.


Why do you like riding your bike?

I like riding my bike because it’s fun, competitive. I like being active plus going fast down Mt. Lemmon. El Grupo is fun and you learn new things!


What do challenges in cycling teach you?

Challenges make you stronger and you want to go for it. They give you more ambition.


Tell me about a highlight from your experience with El Grupo.

My highlight was going to Canada last year and being able to go again this year. Also, having Nacho and Daniela take me in because my family had to move back to Mexico. Letting me stay and finish school and keep racing my bike. Staying helped me to stay on track in school and graduate on time and made me a better rider.


What would you like to do with bikes after El Grupo?

After El Grupo, I hope racing bikes will go a long way, and then passing riding bikes along to other kids, even my kids. Hopefully, I could get on a Youth 23 Development Team or any Pro Team.


What would you like to see in El Grupo’s future?

I would like El Grupo to have a bigger sponsor with bikes, gear, and helmets.