Kajeme, 13, with El Grupo since 2013


If I had a superpower: I would like to fly

Hidden Talent: Bird Talker

Favorite Style of Riding: Cross

Favorite Trip: Durango

Favorite Hobby: RC Cars

Favorite Bike Ride in Town: Saguaro East

Quotable Quote by Ignacio: “Control the Controllables”

Favorite Dessert: Boston Cream Pie


Can you tell me why you like riding your bike?

I like riding my bike because it’s fun to go long distances and to go places with other people.

If you don’t want to go hard one day at practice, Ignacio knows your limits.


Tell me about the first time you rode with El Grupo until now.

It was terrible. That was probably one of the hardest rides I’d ever done. I got dropped right when we got there and then I was just dying, even though I could see the group. I was going at a pace that I just couldn’t catch up to the group- it was tiring. I’ve improved a lot! I was so afraid to ride next to someone. They could have been a foot away and I would have flipped out! Now I can ride centimeters away from someone and be perfectly fine.


Has anything changed in your character?

I’m way more responsible. It taught me if you don’t do your homework, you can’t go to practice. So, I know I have to get stuff done.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

I think it’s challenging in practice, they push you. That’s why I like it, there’s a lot of encouragement and I like to be pushed.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

I would like to do a cat 5 race, like a U of A crit. I want to get faster and get more skills.


Tell me three things you’ve gotten from El Grupo:

Fun, hard, relaxing. The relaxing part is a recovery ride at a chill pace where we can talk to each other. We yell at eachother to talk, it’s fun.