Madison, 14, With El Grupo since 2012


If I had a superpower, I would: Fly

Fun Fact: I like to fish and shoot my double barrel shotgun.

Favorite Style of Riding: Road

Favorite Trip: Buffet Race in Show Low

Favorite Hobby: Hunting and a little singing

Favorite Ride in Town: Via Entrada

Quotable Quote by Ignacio: All the little things add up to one big thing.

Favorite Dessert: Rainbow Sherbet



Why do you like riding your bike?

I like riding my bike because it’s a mental and physical fitness for me. I feel really strong and it makes me feel good.


Do you remember what you were like when you first started? What is different now?

When I first started, I wasn’t sure about it until I saw my first bike. I felt pretty good, but I didn’t really like the trainer I was on. Ignacio said to try it out in the parking lot but the tires were slick and I forgot to use my bikes and crashed into a wall! From that to now, I feel more cautious and know the rules. I ride in straight lines and know when to use certain skills. I just feel like a better person than I first started. I tend to want to help people more on and off the bike.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

El Grupo challenges me in many ways, like mentally. Even now on the shootout, I mentally zone out even though I can physically do it. Until then, I need to put my mind aside, think only about the bike and keep going.


Do you have any goals with El Grupo?

I have a lot of goals, like staying until high school, trying to go through the whole shootout, and earn a spot on mountain bike trips (and learn to love mountain biking).


What are three you can take away from El Grupo today?

Fitness, friends, and a really nice coach who gets in your face, but he loves you a lot if he does that.