Matt, 14, with El Grupo since early 2014


If I had a superpower, I would: Fly

Favorite Style of Riding: Mountain

Favorite Race: TBC

Favorite Trip: Durango

Favorite Hobby: Building and driving RC Cars, Building Dirt Jumps

Favorite Food: My dad’s javelina lasagna


Why do you like riding your bike?

Because it’s fun and you can learn new tricks. I’m really into doing tricks and dirt jumping and also riding my bike and building endurance for that sort of thing.


Tell about how you’ve changed since you started riding with El Grupo.

I’ve learned who to respect and not to be a know-it-all. I’ve improved a lot with bike skills like learning to ride with giant groups of people, learning bike mechanics (I can relate to things my brother knows and he’s more wiling to show me things). So, I’ve learned a lot about bikes and riding them.


Does El Grupo challenge you at all?

It challenges me by going to practices because I like to see my friends but I also have days where I just want to mess around and do jumps on my bike. The hardest thing is probably going to the practices I don’t like doing, but I usually end up doing good even if I don’t like it.

I realize it helps build endurance for training.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

I’m really hoping to place or get first in the TBC overall. Last year I got second overall and this year I think I have a better chance. I really want to do the Whiskey 50, 50 miles of riding hard and it sounds fun!


What are three things you’ve gotten out of El Grupo since you’ve started?

A lot of trust is the biggest one because it goes over most things with El Grupo. Also, being a role model to the younger kids who’ve joined the team. I’ve met a lot of friends and got to know people better. Now that I know people, it’s way better.


What do you think of when you think of El Grupo?

El Grupo is a non-profit youth cycling organization. We do a lot of around town riding, out of state riding, state championship races, and out of country races (some kids).


What are your strengths as a rider?

Technical mountain biking and climbing up hills.