Newben, 16, with El Grupo since 2012


If I had a superpower, I would: Shape-shift

Hidden Talent: I’m a very good kazoo player

Favorite Pandora Station: The Beatles

Favorite Style of Riding: Road

Favorite Trip: Luna Lake and Durango

Favorite Hobby: Computer Programming

Favorite Bike Ride in Town: The Shoot-Out

Favorite Dessert: Panna Cotta


Tell me why you like to ride your bike.

It’s fun, it’s great for activity, it’s healthy


Can you remember the first time you rode until now?

As a rider, I’ve become stronger and a lot less sketchy. I remember I was so sketchy. As a person, I feel so much healthier and I think I’ve made great improvements. It boosts self confidence- you feel so much better everyday, knowing that you’re doing this.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

Well, of course the rides are challenging and it challenges my strength. It’s also very emotionally challenging too, because you have to prepare your mind every day to say ‘Ok, I can do this!’


What are your goals for El Grupo?

Well, for one I want to make it around the whole Old Man Shootout. I also want to do very well at the high school mountain bike races- I’d like to get top 15!


In your time with El Grupo, what are three things you’ve gotten out of it?

I’ve become fit

I feel better

I’ve made friends too