Nick, 17, with El Grupo since 2011

Superpower: To fly

Favorite style of riding: Road cycling

Favorite trip with El Grupo: Durango

Hobby outside of riding bikes: Archery

Favorite Tucson bike ride: Mt. Lemmon

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream


What are your hopes for l’Abitibi?

I hope to just survive and get through my first time. I hope next year, I’ll be lucky enough to go again-I’ll still be in that age range. For my team, I’m really hoping we can do well. There’s a lot of things I don’t know, with other riders and coaches, but it will be a really different experience being in a huge, professional race.


How has the El Grupo coaching staff prepared you for this race?

David, Ignacio, and Daniela in the past help come up with training plans and what we’re working towards. When we get there, I think we’ve done everything in practice that we will do in the races. At this point, I’m leaving it up to my coaches there.


How have you changed since you first started riding with El Grupo?

I’ve gotten faster and learned to control my bike and not fall on my face. Character-wise, I’ve gotten older and little more mature. I try to take on a few more responsibilities and learn what the world is like.


Explain the commitment you make to being on Team El Grupo.

You really got to let go of sleeping in, that really doesn’t happen. Most everyday after school and on weekends, you get used to being with the same people and riding or doing something with El Grupo. I think it’s always fun!


How would you explain the social dynamics?

Wacky, weird, different- They’re like my brothers.  We get mad at each other, and we talk with each other about whatever. It’s really become like my family. We can talk to each other about anything.


What influence do older Team El Grupo kids have on the younger kids?

I have an advantage to knowing this, because my younger brother’s on the team. It’s surprising to me how much the older kids represent El Grupo and how much we contribute to the younger riders. They look up to us. When I first started, I looked up to several of the older riders and always wanted to try to keep up with them. We are a big influence on the riders. If we do something, they’ll want to follow.


Tell me about a memory you’ve had with El Grupo.

I’ve gone so many places with El Grupo I’ve ever been too. I mean, I’m leaving the country- going to Canada! I think that will be the biggest memory so far. There’s been so many memories with El Grupo…I rode the second roller coaster of my life with El Grupo and it was insane!


What will you do with bikes after El Grupo?

I’ll keep riding them for sure: build them, fix them, and race them more. Bikes will always be in my life, I know that.


What do you see in El Grupo’s future?

El Grupo keeps getting bigger and it’s name in cycling does too. Who knows, maybe we will start a U23 team with us boys. And maybe a women’s team too, that’d be amazing! I’d love to see El Grupo keep expanding.