Sam, 15, with El Grupo since 2012


If I had a superpower, I would: Be able to pass through things (like walls)

Hidden Talent: Playing music (play piano and choir)

Favorite Style of Music: Anything from Classical to Movie Soundtracks to Disney

Favorite Style of Riding: Road and Mountain

Favorite Trip: Durango Trip, it’s fun and develops a bond between us

Favorite Rides: A mountain, 24-hour course

Quotable Quote by Ignacio: The bigger you smile, the faster you go.

Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu


Why do you like riding your bike?

It’s a good way to commute and being on Team El Grupo I have all my friends here that I enjoy coming to see.


Can you tell me about the first time you rode with El Grupo and contrast that with where you are now on the bike?

Starting with El Grupo, especially on that first ride I wasn’t with the big kids, but just looking around I saw a bunch of kids who liked to ride their bikes. Then I got to ride with the big boys, I was like ‘Oh my goodness, these kids are super fast on bikes and do things like the Shootout!’ And now I am doing the Shootout and going on big rides- I used to think I would never go on a 60-mile ride! Looking back I was totally one of the kids who just joined, but now I can take my hands off the handlebars and do skills I didn’t think was possible.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

It’s challenging in the fact that I come here for practice and it’s physically invigorating and I have to do a hard workouts, and VO2 maxes that pushes me to my limits. It also challenges me at school, because having to go home and finish my homework when it’s 6 o’clock, I really have to work in a time limit.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

There’s so much that I want to do! I eventually want to be able to make it everyday to practice, and have all my stuff done. I want to do well in all my races and do well as an athlete.


In your time with El Grupo, what are three things you’ve gotten out of it?

One is having the extra family and all my friends that I know here and can tell them anything, it’s a nice community. Second, is riding a bike- it’s fun, and of course we practice riding and skills. The last things are skills, not just on the bike but social skills and other skills like when we clean up the clubhouse or work on our bikes. We develop a multitude of skills.