Samantha, 18, Riding with El Grupo since 2014

My Superpower would be- Flying!
Hidden Talent- Sleeping anytime and anywhere
Favorite style of riding- Road Biking
Favorite trip/race/camp- Kitt Peak
Favorite hobby outside of riding bikes- Swimming
Favorite bike ride in town- Shootout
Favorite quote by Ignacio- “If you’re talking, you’re not working hard enough”
Favorite dessert/food- Ice cream

Why do you like riding your bike?
It’s adventurous and challenging

Tell me about the first time you rode with El Grupo and now- any difference in skills and character?
I have developed so many different cycling skills, like taking my hands off the handlebars and standing up on my bike. I have become more observant, a better listener, and a better teammate since joining El Grupo as well.

How does El Grupo challenge you
Biking doesn’t come very easily to me, and I essentially learned how to ride a bike at 18 years old. El Grupo has challenged me by overcoming my fear of riding in groups and riding to race, not just to stay upright.

How do you overcome those challenges?
El Grupo has an outstanding support system. I have met so many coaches that are extremely patient and kind, and without this accepting atmosphere I really do not think I would have grown and become the cyclist I am today.

What are your goals after El Grupo?
I want to continue bike riding when I am in college, maybe participate in triathlons since I have an extensive background with swimming and running.

In your time with El Grupo, what have you gotten out of it?
I have developed many friendships during my short time on the team and have developed so much confidence and skills on a bike.

How do you describe/explain El Grupo to your friends?
I have never seen a team that is so close-knit, but at the same time extremely accepting. It’s a team where anyone and everyone feels welcome and pushed to be the best cyclist and person they can be. I love every minute on the team; I just wished I joined years ago!

Thank you El Grupo for all that you’ve done, and I can’t wait to go into college with new life and cycling skills I’ve accumulated since joining the team.