Susie, 12, Riding with El Grupo since August 2014


If I had a Superpower: It would be the ability to beat an Olympian in cycling

Hidden Talent: Babysitting. I’m really good with kids.

Favorite Style of Riding: Road

Favorite Bike Ride in Town: Sweetwater

Favorite Hobby outside of Riding Bikes: Hanging out with friends

Favorite Race: Road Race at TBC

Quotable quote by Ignacio: It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.


Tell me why you like riding your bike.

I like riding my bike because it’s a way to get outside and be out in nature. My dad and I both do it, so it’s a great way to bond too.


Tell me about the first time you rode with El Grupo and now.

When I first rode with El Grupo, I was extremely shy because all of the A Team riders- they were really big and scary fast. Now, I get along and can mess with the A Team riders. I’m a lot more comfortable around the team. My riding skills have changed a lot. I only used to be able to ride 11 miles/hour, but my pace now is about 20/hour.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

The practices during our build up weeks are really hard and push you. All the coaches cheer you on and expect your best. My motivation to get through a hard ride is chocolate or food! It’s good to think about other stuff.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

I want to work up to being able to go to Nationals and do really well.


In your time with El Grupo, what are three things you’ve gotten out of it?


A second family



When you tell your friends about El Grupo, how do you explain it?

I call El Grupo ‘My Thing’, but it’s a youth cycling team that wants people on bikes and tries to open kids up more with their team, having fun, and working along the way.


What do you like about being on a cycling team?

They are more like a family. I like that they’re always there for you. During a race, when a teammate goes by, you cheer hard and you want them to do really well.


How would describe your relationship with your coaches?

I definitely think of them as aunts and uncles. Today I was actually on the path and saw Veronique. We embraced each other and squealed like we hadn’t seen each other in forever.