Unai, 12, with El Grupo since 2013


If I had a Superpower, I would: Fly

Hidden Talent: I’m pretty good with music and instruments (piano and baritone)

Favorite style of riding: Mountain Biking Overall, Crits in Road Racing

Favorite Trip: Durango

Favorite Hobby: Reading and Building Things

Favorite Bike Ride in Town: Sabino, Gates Pass, Shoot-Out

Quotable Quote by Ignacio: Rubbing is Racing

Favorite Dessert: Peach Cobbler


Why do you like riding your bike?

I just think it’s fun and a fun way to get exercise. It’s a new way for me to make friends and know my way around town a little better.


How have you changed since you started with El Grupo?

The first time we were going to Via Entrada, I was really excited for it. When we started it was fun. And then once we started actually going up, me and some of the other kids who were trying out with me starting ‘racing,’ and then it was really hard. After one round of going up, I didn’t feel so good- I felt like throwing up a little bit. In terms of skill, I was fair. I’d ridden a good bit before. I wasn’t anything near to where I am now. I think I’ve improved a lot more over the years. I’ve definitely improved in the fitness aspect and skill because we do all these things like: road and mountain bike riding, foot down and trash can ball and those sorts of things.


How does El Grupo challenge you?

It’s of course the physical aspect, where you have to push yourself hard but there’s also a mental side of it, where if you’re feeling really tired one day and don’t want to do the workout, you still kind of have to push yourself to do the workout. I think that’s a good thing and maybe when you’re really tired, your teammates and Ignacio push you to go a little bit harder, and that extra bit helps with the improvement.


How do get through those hard moments?

I just visualize myself in a race, because that’s how I can get serious with what I’m doing, overcome, get farther.


What are your goals with El Grupo?

I definitely want to try a lot of new things- race new races. This year, I was trying to win all three of the state championships but I couldn’t do that, so maybe I’ll try again another year! Those are some of my goals, plus gain fitness and skill.


What are three things you’ve gained from El Grupo?

Definitely more friends: fitness and confidence: and I’ve learned my way around town better.


What are your strengths when you ride?

I feel like right now I’ve always been a good mountain bike rider and on the road my advantage right now is sprinting. I’m pretty good at crits and things.